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    Scientific Research & Experimental Development

    The SR&ED tax incentive program is available for Canadian businesses which develop new processes or products, perform experimentation or solve technological problems. If your business is involved in solving problems for which a solution is not readily available, there is a good chance that the work is either partially or fully eligible.

    Businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries make substantial claims each year, including IT, software, manufacturing, engineering, biotechnology and many other sectors.

    For a more extensive overview of SR&ED check out our comprehensive guide.

    How We Can Help

    We bring an in-depth knowledge of the SR&ED program to clients by offering the following services in all Canadian jurisdictions:

    - SR&ED claim preparation - we identify eligible SR&ED activities applicable to your operation, seeking to maximize your claim & ensure compliance with CRA requirements. We will work with your team to gather documentation, develop project descriptions and the overall framework for your claim.

    - SR&ED documentation review & guidance - we help clients implement improved methodologies to ensure technical and documentation requirements are met for current and future claims.

    - SR&ED claim defence - with a confident understanding of program guidelines, we can negotiate and resolve disputes with CRA to help clients achieve the best outcome.

    - Interactive Digital Medical Tax Credit - preparation of claims for IDM products such as qualifying video games, educational software and simulators.

    From both a technical and financial perspective, we will evaluate the current project environment and make recommendations about how to maximize your SR&ED incentive. By staying abreast of the constantly evolving program standards, we ensure client filings adhere to CRA requirements and are well represented during the entire process.

    Contact us today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how your business can maximize its financial support for R&D. Our aim is to be a valued partner so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

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